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Social Studies Tutoring in Schools

Social Studies, is a subject that is taught mostly in the elementary, middle and secondary schools. A combination of social sciences and humanities, this subject aims at promoting civic competence in students. The syllabus often varies depending on the level at which the subject is taught. This opinion is well disclosed here where the authors have sorted thing out. From focusing on local community and family at elementary school level, the subject moves on to deal with more specific issues at the middle and high school levels.
Social studies as a subject draws upon various fields like history, economics, anthropology, sociology, political science etc. Teaching the subject requires the teacher to possess excellent interpersonal skills. A social studies teacher should be able to inculcate in the students certain civic responsibilities like self-discipline, respect for others, honesty, compassion, patriotism, negotiation skills, compromise etc.

A social studies teacher can effectively cultivate cross-cultural understanding in students. This can help reduce cultural bias and other issues that arise due to cultural diversity. Allowing students to participate in empowering activities can benefit them by improving their decision-making skills, ability to tolerate and understand their peers etc.

Social studies classes connected in schools should aim at improving the social skills and sense of brotherhood in students. The ability to treat others as human beings who are not inferior to oneself and the ability to respect other’s opinion are two basic necessities that can help students mature in to individuals who value civic responsibilities.

This subject by itself can prove to be really boring for most students. It is the responsibility of the teacher to experiment with and utilize various teaching methods and tools to make students understand the concepts and the importance of the subject. Constant interaction between students as well as with the tutor is very essential for students to feel interested in a subject like social studies.

Teachers should try to develop as well as encourage a sense of inquiry in students. Classroom debates that are lively and well researched can make the process of learning social studies easy. Debates help students not only to express themselves but also teach them to be tolerant towards others viewpoints. It also inculcates in students the willingness to accept what is right even if it is an opinion from their opponent.

Teachers can include case studies where situations that had occurred in the past are discussed with the students and the students are given a chance to think and express their response to the situation. Such activities promote creativity, innovation, critical thinking etc in students. Teachers can also give assignments that will need students to work collaboratively.

Choosing some real-life situations and asking students to analyze the situation and come up with feasible solutions are challenges that most students willingly accept. Learning can be made more interesting and fun when such activities are included in the classes. There is an equal need for the teacher to be abreast of current developments in the field of social studies. By participating in professional learning programs and contributing to other social studies communities will help a teacher to prepare and deliver worthy classes.