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Social Studies – Problems Teachers Face

Every society has its set of rules and regulations, dos and don’ts. Passing on these societal norms to the younger generations is a major concern for every society. Including these in the educational system is very effective method. This is exactly what social studies sessions do. Social studies as a subject, tries to inculcate in our children the values that we regard as the very basics which makes survival in the society possible.

Our educational system has rightly included this subject in the early elementary levels, continuing to high school levels. Social studies deals with a variety of subjects like geography, history, civics etc. You might obviously wonder how difficult it would be to handle a subject of such magnitude. Well, teaching social studies is not an easy task. Discussed below are some of the problems faced by social studies teachers when teaching this subject to different levels of students.

Are you aware of the teaching methods employed by teachers in our schools? In spite of developments happening in different fields, the field of education has not changed much. Most of our schools still rely largely and almost exclusively on textbooks. The lack of resources is one of the major problems faced by teachers.

As you can understand Social Studies is a very vast subject, and no single textbook can cover the subject entirely. There is a need to depend on other sources of information like the Internet, historical books etc. When teachers depend completely on a prescribed textbook they tend to overlook the mistakes in the books. Let us not forget the fact that most of these textbooks do not cover all the essential details. Some information, are purposely omitted, and some are not included in order to reduce the bulkiness of the subject.

Social studies sessions can be made interesting by encouraging student interactions, case studies, role plays etc. But again there is a constraint of time. Well, time is money and money is exactly what our educational institutions are reluctant to spend. Teachers are hence forced to choose syllabus over real learning.

Handling a diverse classroom poses the question of ethics. Most of the textbooks and other study materials do not give much importance to the attempts made by the minority groups in the development of our nation. Some of these sources also portray a not-so-beautiful picture of our country. We are well aware of the discriminations against certain ethnic groups that once prevailed in our society. A social studies teacher should be prepared to handle any sort of issues that might arise during the sessions.

The large number of students that a teacher has to handle is a major drawback when it comes to successful learning. As discussed earlier social studies is a subject that needs interaction. This will not be possible if there are a large number of students in a class. Also teachers will find difficulty in controlling the class effectively. More time will need to be spent on evaluating students, conducting test papers etc leaving the teachers with very less time to prepare properly for the sessions.