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Social Studies – Learning It Online

A subject intended to connect our present and future with our past, social studies is included in every level of school education. Dealing with our history, civics, geography etc this subject is given immense importance by our educational system. Social studies can help us create a generation that is well aware of its society and lives in harmony.

In spite of the attempts made by schools, teachers find difficulty in making students understand the subject properly. Various factors like the lack of time, low quality textbook contents, the increasing number of students per class, lack of access to other information sources etc are some of the hindrances that teachers face when handling social studies sessions.

The way the subject is taught in most schools leave students rather confused. They often lack proper information. Most teachers look at social studies as a collection of dates, places, names and the like. They fail to provide the connection between events. The vastness of the subject itself is a problem. Some teachers even suppress interactions between students in order to maintain discipline in class. Discussions on social studies once started might go on for ever.

Of course, students might be able to get good grades in the subject in spite of all these negative influences the teaching methodology has on them. But our educational system fails to accomplish the actual purpose of including social studies in school curriculum. What can parents do to make sure that children understand our society and mature into individuals with good civic sense?

Your decision to invest in tuition classes for a subject like social studies might not receive much applause. Well, not unless your child’s grades are deteriorating. But if you understand the essence of education and wish that your child should benefit from education, give him or her, the opportunity to understand and learn social studies.

To learn a subject that is so diverse requires easy access to large amounts of information. Where else can you find this other than the Internet? Online tutoring is a new trend in education. In addition to access to huge amounts of information online tutoring also comes with other benefits. It is a good way to study at your own pace. Choose your study time based on your convenience.

Most textbooks provide limited knowledge. Often they do not contain information that would create a negative impression regarding our country. Especially the history textbooks purposely omit information regarding contributions of minority groups in the development of our nation. By depending on such textbooks we are providing false information to our children. This can be avoided by providing them a different venue to acquire knowledge.

Your child can utilize the services of an online social studies tutor to gain additional knowledge, things that are not taught in the social studies sessions at his school. Children can clear their doubts and understand our nation from a different point of view. Online tutoring can provide students with unbiased knowledge as they can choose to interact with tutors from different countries who could paint a different picture of our nation forcing students to think critically and understand both the positive and negative aspects of our history and our society.