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Preparing for the Social Studies Class

Do students sleep during your social studies sessions? Confused as to how to make the classes interesting? Read on to discover some of the best resources you can use to bring the ‘wham’ in your class. And you need not spend a penny from your pocket. All these are available free on the net.

Social studies, is not a subject like science or commerce. Without the proper tools you will not be able to grab the attention of your class. It is a subject that needs lots of interactions. Whether it is the history, geography or civics part of the subject, students should be able to experience and live through the subject. When taught properly you can see that students grow with the subject.

Suppose you are handling a chapter on history. Why not utilize Google maps or Google Earth? With a dash of fun your social studies sessions will be something your students will eagerly await. Students can now explode the different regions across the globe where the World Wars were fought, where the unsinkable – Titanic – sank and a lot more.

Do not limit your classes to the books available in your library. Make Google books your new library. You can find books about different battles and wars, biographies etc which can be easily utilized to make your social studies sessions lively. Let your students’ access such books, improve their knowledge and understand how the world works.

Educate yourself with the National Archives’ Collection. You can find digital copies of hundreds of original documents from the US history – the Constitution of the United States, public addresses by some of the best Presidents the United States of America privileged from, and more. Give assignments like creating timelines of various incidents in the US history. Students can easily utilize X Timeline and create a multimedia timeline that includes texts, videos and images.

If you are dealing with younger children, keep them on their toes with animated videos of some of the greatest and gravest incidents in the history of America like the American Revolution, the US Civil War etc. ‘History Animated’ is where you can find some of such animations. Students can go through the captions that described the consequences of each battle, the strategies employed by the armies etc on the map.

For economics related sessions utilize the virtual field trips, slideshows etc available on BizEd. For more of a real experience, introduce your students to ‘Playing History’. This website has a huge collection of games that are related to geography, history and civics. Encourage your students as well as yourself to go through the news programs released by CNN student news on a daily basis.

Social studies play a major role in the development of students and their transition from children to adults who are well aware of their civic responsibilities. It keeps us grounded by reminding us of all the struggles that our forefathers had undergone to provide us with a country that bestows unlimited opportunities.