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Learning Social Studies can be fun

It is not easy to be a good teacher. Teaching is a skill which is unfortunately underestimated in our society. Especially when it comes to teaching subjects like biology, social studies etc there is a general opinion that these subjects can be taught by anybody with a degree in the same. This could be the reason why even schools do not invest much when it comes to selecting teachers for this kind of subjects.

The effect is obvious in the way Social studies, is taught in most schools. Social studies is one of ‘the most boring’ subjects for most students. Many teachers either do not understand the subject or dislike it. Why make children hate a subject which can in fact be fun to learn? Let us explore some ways in which this subject can be made interesting and entertaining.

In order for students to find the subject interesting the social studies instructors should be able to make students think about the subject. The lessons should be so taught that the students find it engaging and interactive. The most boring part of social studies is often history. Children tend to doze off when you try to bombard their little brains with the never-ending collection of dates, names and places.

The first step towards making the social studies sessions interesting will be ‘being honest with the students’. Do not act like a walking encyclopedia. Make students feel comfortable, let them know that there is nothing wrong in their feeling that social studies is a boring difficult subject. After all nobody is good at everything.

Dare to divert from the traditional method of teaching from the text book. Children are by nature curious. Exploit this character by giving them opportunity to express themselves, read from other sources, conduct debates etc. Give ample importance to current events. This will help you link our nation’s past with its present. Instead of reading out of the textbook, try engaging the class as if you are discussing a story with the students. This is a very effective method of teaching history.

Nothing can be a greater drawback than a teacher’s lack of interest in the subject. Exploit different ways of teaching social studies. Use pictures, videos etc to create an impact on the students. Ask your students to imagine themselves in certain historical events and respond to the situation. Compare their suggestions with what really happened. When taught in such manner, the subject will remain in their memories for a lifetime.

Conducting debates once in a while is also a good idea. Teachers will have to take care that students do not get involved in quarrels and fights. Healthy debates in addition to improving the student’s knowledge regarding the subject, is a good method to make them more tolerant towards others. Students will learn to disagree in a decent manner.

Though our attempt is to make learning a fun process, teachers should not forget that ultimately grades matters. Make sure that you conduct revision classes once in a while to refresh the student’s memories. You would be amazed to find that students tend to remember better when taught in a friendly interactive manner rather than a ritualistic manner.