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Is Your Child Taking Online Social Studies Lessons Form a Literature Grad?

Social studies, is a subject that is largely underestimated. Students, parents and even teachers regard social studies as a simple yet boring subject. Most students do not score well in this ‘simple’ subject. Some find difficulty in remembering the dates or names or places etc and some others are just not interested in learning it because it is a ‘bland’ subject.

Well, a little effort put by the teacher can in fact convert this boring subject to one that is interesting and entertaining. Irrespective of the reason why students fail to score in such subjects, parents have a tendency to arrange for tuitions. The latest trend is finding an online tutor. If you are looking for an online tutor to handle social studies for your child, be sure to do a little bit of research before finalizing.

There are many players in the online tutoring market. You would find people from across the globe offering such services. Online tutoring has its own positive side. Students do benefit by availing such services as they can save a lot of time and even choose the tutor with whom they are comfortable learning. Repeated and genuine players in this market are equipped with some very interesting tools that can convert the otherwise boring sessions to highly interactive and interesting online sessions.

One major negative side to online tutoring is the fact that you cannot verify the credentials of the tutor. What you know about the tutor will be what the tutor wants you to know. The demand for online tutoring has in fact attracted enough unwanted attention. Parents often fall prey to lucrative offers like very low fees, extreme flexibility in timings etc.

Since social studies is a subject which does not involve calculations, formulas and the like, people feel that all you need to do to handle the subject is to read a little. And of course, with access to the world’s largest library – the Internet – teaching social studies could be a cakewalk. Unless you choose your child’s online tutor with care, your child might end up taking social studies lessons from maybe a literature graduate or a science graduate or maybe another student.

You can decrease the chances of you getting cheated by adhering to some simple precautionary steps. First and foremost, do not fall for online tutoring service providers who make unbelievable offers. Quality comes at a price. Invest some time to understand the process of online tutoring and identify some good players in the market.

Make sure that the tutor is familiar with your child’s syllabus. As you know syllabus varies from country to country and institution to institution. Communication skills of the tutor are the next important factor. However knowledgeable person is poor communication skills to stop them from expressing his ideas and knowledge. So your child needs a tutor who is more than a Ph.D. in social studies. He needs an expert with excellent communication skills.

As this is a subject that needs constant interaction between the student and the tutor try to analyze the softwares and tools that are employed by the tutor. You will also have to install in your system some of these tools that are needed to promote proper learning in your child.