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How to make high school social studies interesting

Social studies comprises of a variety of subjects like history, economics, geography and government. By using statistical information and literature this subject has transformed itself into a complex one. Though taught on all levels, the high school level social studies, is more complex and deals at a deeper level, the economic and humanity related aspects.

This change in the content as well as level of difficulty of the subject requires expert teachers to handle the subject at high school levels. As we know, students also change as they grow. Children during their early and middle school years are often immature and need immense support from parents and teachers in order to excel in their studies. But by the time students reach their high school level, we can expect them to be a little responsible and capable of doing things by themselves.

The emotional maturity that students achieve by the time they reach high school is in fact a blessing for teachers who handle subjects like social studies that need a good deal of contribution from students. Unfortunately, most teachers, even at high school level depend on the traditional note book and text book approach to teaching. This approach to teaching often fails in holding the student’s attention for long durations.

Teachers should make better use of technology to make their sessions attractive and interesting. The tech savvy youth of today will find this more interesting as compared to the traditional media like black boards, text books and note books. There are various websites that can be utilized to share information with the class.

Geography and history classes can be made lively by using Google maps and Google earth. When you speak of the nuclear attack on Japan or the American civil war or Pearl Harbor, let the students see the places on the map. Let them know how these historical incidents have changed the geography of the places. Learning can thus be made fun and interesting.

Utilize the National Archives’ Collection during the history sessions. They have an amazing collection of original documents from the US history. You can find both the copies and the hand written original documents. News papers and news channels can keep you updated regarding your present. Make it a habit to discuss the daily events in the class. Encourage your students to share the daily news. Dividing the class in to groups and allotting one group to every section of the news paper can eliminate any confusion when implementing the program.

Role playing games should be a welcome. Discuss case studies to familiarize students regarding the various situations that require critical and strategic thinking. Let them experience the dilemmas our great leaders faced in building our society as we see it today. This interactive way of teaching social studies can make a huge difference in how students see our society. Social Studies can train our students to become responsible citizens with civic sense. Always ready to take responsibilities and be tolerant towards humans across the world, we can be assured that our future is safe in able hands.