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Building a Strong Tomorrow With Social Studies

Studying the relationships among and between people, social studies equip learners with the skills that are needed to contribute towards the development of a sustainable society. Social studies, is taught to students from a very early age. Most schools give due importance to this subject. A well-developed social studies curriculum can build a strong moral foundation in our students making them capable of leading the nation towards further development and excellence.

Social studies build disciplinary knowledge in students. This is very essential as it helps students understand the powerful ideas incorporated in the disciplines of economics, civics, geography and history. Social studies also cultivate critical thinking skills. Critical thinking and inquiry are very essential for achieving success in public life.

Unlike biology, mathematics or physics, the social studies curriculum of every country is unique. This is because social studies promote the underlying values of the particular societies. Students learn about their society, the way it functions, their history, social norms etc through the subject making them well aware of their surroundings. It also stimulates interest in public awareness. Social studies when taught properly can encourage students to be active participants in civic life rather than remain as bystanders.

A well-developed social studies curriculum can motivate students to contribute positively towards the society. The future of any country depends on the children of the country. Nurturing students and implanting in them the values of their society, social studies ensures that the culture, values and traditions are safely passed on to the next generations.

Social studies teach students about their history. It educates students regarding the mistakes that were committed by our forefathers and gives them an opportunity to think and identify better solutions to those problems. The subject also keeps alive our past victories and unique contributors who have shaped our society.

This is the subject that can help our children develop the right civic, economic, geographic as well as historic perspective. A good civic perspective is essential in order to understand our government, politics and law. A good economic perspective is needed to understand the concepts of production, distribution and consumption which are the very basic skills needed to guide any form of business to success.

Group discussions and similar team works when included in a social studies session encourages development of communication skills, interpersonal and group skills as well as decision-making skills. Students also learn to be tolerant towards each other. The willingness to accept what is right even if it is your opponent’s opinion is important for peaceful coexistence.

Social studies expose students to the different dilemmas that they would probably face in their lives. The subject makes students ready to face their future. But all these benefits can be had only if Social Studies, is taught with respect. Teachers instead of treating this as any other subject should pay more attention and make social studies sessions engaging and interactive. There should be discussions and opportunities for students to experience and learn. Team activities should be encouraged in addition to giving students the freedom to read and express their opinion about their history, geography, political and legal systems etc.