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Five-Paragraph Essay | Tips And Recommendations On How To Write It Well

Writing a five paragraph essay at college. Writing an essay at college is a common task and a lot might depend on the grades that you get for your essay. From the first look, the five-paragraph essay may seem to be an easy task, but there are certain things that a student needs to know about the correct execution of such task as writing a five-paragraph essay. Check out the main points of what is the best way to write your work in order to succeed in getting the higher education. (more…)


Social Studies – Problems Teachers Face

Every society has its set of rules and regulations, dos and don’ts. Passing on these societal norms to the younger generations is a major concern for every society. Including these in the educational system is very effective method. This is exactly what social studies sessions do. Social studies as a subject, tries to inculcate in our children the values that we regard as the very basics which makes survival in the society possible.

Our educational system has rightly included this subject in the early elementary levels, continuing to high school levels. Social studies deals with a variety of subjects like geography, history, civics etc. You might obviously wonder how difficult it would be to handle a subject of such magnitude. Well, teaching social studies is not an easy task. Discussed below are some of the problems faced by social studies teachers when teaching this subject to different levels of students. (more…)


Social Studies – Learning It Online

A subject intended to connect our present and future with our past, social studies is included in every level of school education. Dealing with our history, civics, geography etc this subject is given immense importance by our educational system. Social studies can help us create a generation that is well aware of its society and lives in harmony.

In spite of the attempts made by schools, teachers find difficulty in making students understand the subject properly. Various factors like the lack of time, low quality textbook contents, the increasing number of students per class, lack of access to other information sources etc are some of the hindrances that teachers face when handling social studies sessions. (more…)


Social Studies – the subject & the books

Social studies, is taught from early elementary school level to high school level and include various topics like history, economics, citizenship and government. Social studies is included in the school curriculum with the aim of teaching students about the historical evens, duties of a good citizen and other social concepts and norms that are required for living in the society.

This is a very important subject as it influences, and to a large extent modifies the character of students. Teachers handling this subject in various schools often face a variety of problems. The issues include methods employed for teaching the subject, the content of the books, the strength of the class and a lot more. (more…)


Learning Social Studies can be fun

It is not easy to be a good teacher. Teaching is a skill which is unfortunately underestimated in our society. Especially when it comes to teaching subjects like biology, social studies etc there is a general opinion that these subjects can be taught by anybody with a degree in the same. This could be the reason why even schools do not invest much when it comes to selecting teachers for this kind of subjects.

The effect is obvious in the way Social studies, is taught in most schools. Social studies is one of ‘the most boring’ subjects for most students. Many teachers either do not understand the subject or dislike it. Why make children hate a subject which can in fact be fun to learn? Let us explore some ways in which this subject can be made interesting and entertaining.

In order for students to find the subject interesting the social studies instructors should be able to make students think about the subject. The lessons should be so taught that the students find it engaging and interactive. The most boring part of social studies is often history. Children tend to doze off when you try to bombard their little brains with the never-ending collection of dates, names and places. (more…)


How to make high school social studies interesting

Social studies comprises of a variety of subjects like history, economics, geography and government. By using statistical information and literature this subject has transformed itself into a complex one. Though taught on all levels, the high school level social studies, is more complex and deals at a deeper level, the economic and humanity related aspects.

This change in the content as well as level of difficulty of the subject requires expert teachers to handle the subject at high school levels. As we know, students also change as they grow. Children during their early and middle school years are often immature and need immense support from parents and teachers in order to excel in their studies. But by the time students reach their high school level, we can expect them to be a little responsible and capable of doing things by themselves. (more…)


Why Social Studies?

Why social studies? This is a question almost every social studies teacher would have faced. Most teachers respond to this as, ‘you need to know about the world around you’ or ‘it is in your curriculum’… Well, I remember my teacher telling me, ‘it helps you to be a better citizen’. Is that it… being better citizens? Well then, how exactly do social studies help your students to become better citizens? How can reading a few textbooks or listening to a teacher inculcate in a student the qualities of a good citizen?

The answer lies in the way the subject is taught. Social studies, is not a subject like chemistry, biology, physics or mathematics where the syllabus demands the use of different media like the blackboard, calculators etc that will keep the students engaged. Neither is it like literature or poetry that can help your students slowly glide along with the characters. (more…)


Social Studies Tutoring in Schools

Social Studies, is a subject that is taught mostly in the elementary, middle and secondary schools. A combination of social sciences and humanities, this subject aims at promoting civic competence in students. The syllabus often varies depending on the level at which the subject is taught. This opinion is well disclosed here where the authors have sorted thing out. From focusing on local community and family at elementary school level, the subject moves on to deal with more specific issues at the middle and high school levels.
Social studies as a subject draws upon various fields like history, economics, anthropology, sociology, political science etc. Teaching the subject requires the teacher to possess excellent interpersonal skills. A social studies teacher should be able to inculcate in the students certain civic responsibilities like self-discipline, respect for others, honesty, compassion, patriotism, negotiation skills, compromise etc. (more…)


Preparing for the Social Studies Class

Do students sleep during your social studies sessions? Confused as to how to make the classes interesting? Read on to discover some of the best resources you can use to bring the ‘wham’ in your class. And you need not spend a penny from your pocket. All these are available free on the net.

Social studies, is not a subject like science or commerce. Without the proper tools you will not be able to grab the attention of your class. It is a subject that needs lots of interactions. Whether it is the history, geography or civics part of the subject, students should be able to experience and live through the subject. When taught properly you can see that students grow with the subject. (more…)


Is Your Child Taking Online Social Studies Lessons Form a Literature Grad?

Social studies, is a subject that is largely underestimated. Students, parents and even teachers regard social studies as a simple yet boring subject. Most students do not score well in this ‘simple’ subject. Some find difficulty in remembering the dates or names or places etc and some others are just not interested in learning it because it is a ‘bland’ subject.

Well, a little effort put by the teacher can in fact convert this boring subject to one that is interesting and entertaining. Irrespective of the reason why students fail to score in such subjects, parents have a tendency to arrange for tuitions. The latest trend is finding an online tutor. If you are looking for an online tutor to handle social studies for your child, be sure to do a little bit of research before finalizing.

There are many players in the online tutoring market. You would find people from across the globe offering such services. Online tutoring has its own positive side. Students do benefit by availing such services as they can save a lot of time and even choose the tutor with whom they are comfortable learning. Repeated and genuine players in this market are equipped with some very interesting tools that can convert the otherwise boring sessions to highly interactive and interesting online sessions. (more…)

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